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Levels of Intervention in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

It is important that substance addiction in a person is given its due attention and care. This needs expert application of rehabilitation and follow up care, to ensure that a person is not only clean but also completely off the need to use. As per the kind of addiction at hand, there will be the selection of an appropriate rehabilitation program. This explains the existence of several levels of care in the rehabilitation process.

Addiction can be said to be the dependence one develops towards a given substance after having used it for some time, and now can n longer cope without it. Addicts however fail to acknowledge there is a problem, and continue to treat it as something simple and inconsequential. There has to be an acceptance that this situation is bad before anything worthwhile can be done about it. If they agree there is a problem, the intervention sought needs to be in line with the level of care they need.

The stages that categorize the care to be given are the outpatient, intensive outpatient and inpatient care. These are considered as per the severity of the addition and its effects on the patient. You can look at them as inpatient and outpatient care services. The residential inpatient treatment is the most intense and hands-on approach. This is why it is called rehab. This shall be where the patient moves into the clinic for closer monitoring and intervention until they are declared free of the addiction. This is the best thing to happen to the tougher cases of addiction. Regular outpatient care is the most relaxed approach. The patient shall come in for some sessions, but otherwise, proceed with their normal life. They may not even have to go there daily. It is also used as the follow-up program after a patient has gone through the intense program and needs not to relapse. Intensive outpatient care is more of the middle ground in all these categories. There shall be the giving of residential facilities elsewhere where other patients can also live. It also works for those who cannot handle the intensity of the inpatient approach.

The first thing that happens when you make up your mind to go to rehab is an evaluation of your addiction. There shall be some medical tests done that will tell the full story of your addiction and its extent. They will then tell you what needs to happen as per the three choices. It is common for them to go for residential inpatient care, as this is the most thorough approach. The issue of relapsing is a common one, which inpatient care tends to deal with better. As there will be lots of monitoring, there is little chance that will happen. The temptations of outside life are too great to entertain.

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